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The Enchanting and magical Motion Artworks of Vince Fraser

The Enchanting and magical Motion Artworks of Vince Fraser

Every now and then, new forms of visual expressions bursts forth . No aspect of art, however has witnessed high level of creative expressions like digital art form.

Today, an emerging digital art form which involves the use of still images manipulated to create loopable wave of motions is fast becoming a common sight. This digital art form which is known as “Motion Art” it’s been promoted by London-based visual artist, illustrator and designer, Vince  Fraser.

Photo: @mertalas @marcuspiggott
Vince has worked for various clients including British Airways, PC World, BBC and T-mobile. Having originally come from an interior design background, the progression to Digital Arts was a natural one. Specializing in digital illustration ranging from 2D vector work, photo-montage, image-manipulation and 3D modelling, Vince’s work has continued to develop and inspire, creating vibrant, innovative and evocative artwork.

Implementing a variety of elements from photographs to typography and vector illustration, his compositions conceal a broad palette. Having a great eye for detail he is always pushing the boundaries and describes his style as contemporary but with a twist of retro.
Vince’s highly versatile works can be found anywhere internationally from mobile phone screensavers, VIP lounges through to luxury apartments and is starting to get the recognition it highly deserves. 

His work is regularly featured in design and industry publications such as Advanced Photoshop, IDN, Computer Arts Projects and Digital Arts.

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