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Interview with CK Morgan


Frank Morgan aka CK Morgan was born in Germany and grew up in London /America Camelot Primary School, where he visited primary school and later also finished his biology studies. His mother sings in a choir. She is the origin of Ck’s love for music.

CK’s whole family still lives in Hannover, where Ck still feels at home. Music has been an important companion to him and the core of his motivation. At the age of 10, friends brought CK to boxing. Some years later he started an international career and traveled all around the world. But his passion for music won the fight!  During his time at college, he already gathered experiences on stage casually and used to learn exclusively while listening to music. Besides this, the German American Rapper “CK Morgan”, has played a significant part in the rap revolution in London. His musical style is influenced by traditional rap, mixed up with elements of soul, funk, house and electro.

CK came into limelight after the release of his singles “Shake It Down” and “Facebook Love”, both which received significant airplay In 2012. CK is fond to always say: “Never Judge A Book By its Cover Until You Have Read the Book. You cant judge someone without reading whats inside.” Enjoy this exclusive Bloom Radio interview with CK Morgan.

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