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Interview with Freddy Browne

International DJ and artist, Freddy Browne was introduced to funk music in the 70’s when he spent a magical summer in Philadelphia, that summer was the United States Bi-Centennial, the year was 1976. In Philly, Freddy found a record store downtown on Chestnut St., where he began to absorb funk music at a blazing pace. Various album artwork and liner notes on the back of each vinyl product were the basis for whether Freddy bought or passed on buying any particular album. This is where the passion for funk and dance music began to lay its frameworks for Freddy’s future. One great story centers around Freddy’s purchase of E-Man Groovin by the then unknown to Freddy,

Jimmy Castor Bunch. Castors music hit Freddy like nothing before, hearing ‘It’s Just Begun’ (considered the ultimate BBoy break dance anthem of all time) and it was years later that Castors music would be sampled by the Beastie Boys and countless others, most recently used in Martin Scorcese’s film “Wolf of Wall Street”. Freddy bought the E-Man Groovin album based on the cover photo of Jimmy Castor standing next to a purple motorcycle (this being years before Prince and his purple passions).

Enjoy this engaging Bloom Radio Exclusive interview with Freddy Browne.

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