How to save your children from the internet addiction

The age of the internet is upon us, but for some children it may be even harder to stop their internet addiction.

The World Health Organisation says that children ages five to 14 account for two-thirds of all internet users in the world.

But while many believe they can be shut out of the world, the experts are divided on how to tackle the problem.

How to deal with internet addiction:What is internet addiction?

In terms of prevalence, the term internet addiction is broadly defined.

While many of the problems it can cause are common in the modern world, internet addiction has become something of a new phenomenon in India.

It is often described as a “distressingly common” condition among children in India, and in India is the first country to be recognised by the WHO for this.

While it is not the only problem that young people face online, it is one of the most prevalent.

The main symptoms are:A sense of emptiness and loss, feelings of loneliness and isolation, difficulty in focusing and memory loss, depression and anxiety.

It can last for years.

For children, the internet can be an escape, but not always the right one.

According to the WHO, internet users tend to become disconnected from their families and friends, spend time with their mobile phones rather than spending time with school, and may have trouble sleeping.

In India, it has been found that about a third of internet users report that they feel depressed, compared to 12 percent in the UK.

A survey by the Indian National Institute of Child Health and Development (INCE) also found that internet use was associated with lower IQ scores and lower self-esteem among children.

A similar study by the National Centre for Research and Development on Children and Youth found that the most common symptoms of internet addiction in India were boredom, anxiety, depression, and irritability.

It can be very challenging for young people to navigate the internet, with the likes of Google Chrome having difficulty navigating a complex web.

While a recent study from the US suggests that the average internet user in India has more than three friends, for children the number of peers can be a factor.

As parents, the parents often have to be vigilant of the online habits of their children.

Children need to be taught that it is okay to use the internet and to share what they are doing online with their friends.

And parents need to take extra care in ensuring that their children’s use of social media does not interfere with school activities or their homework.

A number of solutions can be found for young internet users, and many of them have been proposed in the past.

There is no simple solution for children, but it can be made to work for them.

Here are five ways to keep kids out of internet and other forms of addiction:Encourage them to talk to their friends over text or video chat.

Parents can then use the chat rooms to find out what other kids are doing and to plan activities together.

This can help them to focus on the task at hand.

For example, one way to make it easier for kids to stay in the present moment is to use a timer, so they do not have to think about their actions when they are in the room.

Encourage your kids to go outside.

This can help with physical activity and also keep them away from other distractions.

Teach them to stay at home when not in school.

This could be through the use of games, games consoles, computers, tablets or smartphones.

Children will be less likely to seek out a computer when they’re not in class.

Encourages them to work at home.

They can also use computers or other devices to work and keep a schedule.

It is good to get them to be a part of group activities, such as work-in-groups.

For the most part, this can be done in the home.

Parents can also help children to read and study while they are away from home.

For instance, they can create a “reading group” and allow children to spend a lot of time with reading material.

The age of the internet is upon us, but for some children it may be even harder to stop their…

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