When the media are so good, we should be happy to listen to them

The New York Times’ radio program has lost its spot as the nation’s best-selling radio program, according to a new study.

According to Nielsen data, the New York Philharmonic has been No. 1 for the past three years, despite the fact that it has also been the only program to earn a rating in the top 50.

The program was last rated in the 50th percentile in 2015, according a survey of nearly 4,000 people by the Associated Press.

In a study by the Association of American Publishers, the number of people who listened to the program on a regular basis last year dropped by 16% in 2017, and that number fell even more in 2018, according the AP.

This drop came even though the program was rated in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Despite the downward trend, the program remains in the best place to hear new music.

It ranks No. 2 among radio programs in listeners per 100,000, the highest among programs with at least 500,000 listeners.

The number of listeners has grown each year, but only by 4%, according to the AP’s data.

And the decline in listeners may have something to do with the fact radio listenership has grown since the advent of streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, the AP said.

The New York City Public Radio station has seen its ratings decline in recent years, and it has been unable to keep up with rising subscription rates, the news outlet reported.

In 2018, the station reported a 1% drop in listeners.

This year, it reported a 6.9% drop, the paper reported.

The New York Times’ radio program has lost its spot as the nation’s best-selling radio program, according to a new…

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