How the NRA and other gun rights groups helped the gun lobby get a seat at the table at the White House press briefing

The NRA’s influence in the West Wing of the White Houses administration is now under scrutiny.

The National Rifle Association has been an active player in the gun-control debate for years, often urging Congress to pass laws that it sees as necessary to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and to make it harder for law enforcement to get them.

But its influence has also waned over the past several years as the NRA’s members have been more focused on gun control and lobbying efforts in Washington, D.C.

The gun lobby has played a key role in helping Republicans control the House and Senate.

For instance, the NRA has spent $3.2 million to defeat several House Republican gun control measures and the group spent $4.6 million to support the 2010 reelection of Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.)

In a letter to the NRA in October, President Barack Obama said the group’s influence is declining.

He wrote that the NRA “has been a significant contributor to many of the most consequential issues facing our nation and to some of the more consequential political battles of our lifetime,” including the death penalty, gun control, the Affordable Care Act and immigration.

“It’s no secret that the gun industry and the NRA are powerful forces in Washington.

The NRA has been the most powerful lobbying group in Washington since 1994, when it spent $2.4 million on lobbying, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.

That year, the group sponsored more than 10 bills, the most of any lobbying group.

The legislation included the 1994 crime bill, which the NRA was instrumental in crafting.

The NRA has also had a long-standing role in the House.

As recently as 2007, it spent more than $1.5 million on House races, according the Center on Politics at the University of Virginia.

But in recent years, the gun group has been less active, largely due to the fact that the president has taken a tougher line on gun issues.

In recent months, however, the organization has made a comeback, and its influence is growing.

For example, in the midst of the gun debate in the United States, the National Rifle Conference (NRA-PAC) held a conference call last month with NRA members to discuss the NRA-sponsored legislation that would make it easier for law-enforcement agencies to obtain guns.

During the call, NRA-PAC president Wayne LaPierre said he was glad the NRA had been instrumental in passing the bill because “we need to get rid of the bad guys.”

A spokesman for the NRA did not respond to requests for comment.

A group called the National Association for Gun Rights has been instrumental on Capitol Hill in the fight for gun control.

The group has spent more in recent months than the NRA.

But as of June 30, the association had spent only $1 million on election-related lobbying, compared with the NRA spending nearly $7 million on this same period last year.

The group also is heavily involved in gun control efforts in the states.

A spokeswoman for the group said in a statement that the group is committed to a bipartisan approach that will protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.”

We are pleased that the Trump administration has taken on the leadership to make gun laws less burdensome for law abiding Americans,” said Nicole Ault, a spokeswoman for NAGR-PAC.

The association has also supported gun control legislation in Washington and elsewhere, according with the Center of Responsive Transparency.

The groups lobbying expenditures increased from $1,977,000 in 2014 to $2,542,000 last year, according data compiled for The Associated Press by the nonpartisan Center for Public Integrity.

The NAGPAC, which was founded in 2013, is made up of the NRA, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and other groups that oppose gun control laws.

In addition to supporting gun control bills, NAGPAC also helped defeat an effort in Congress to impose a nationwide background check law that was backed by the NRA as well as other gun control groups.

But in the last couple of years, there have been signs that the groups are shifting their focus to gun safety, and their spending has fallen off in recent weeks.

A new Pew Research Center survey released this week found that the percentage of NRA members who say the organization is working with them on gun safety legislation fell to 34 percent, from 43 percent in June.

The percentage who said they were working with the group to pass gun safety measures has risen from 35 percent in May to 44 percent in July.

The survey found that more than half of NRA-ILA members surveyed said the organization’s lobbying efforts were not effective at influencing lawmakers.

Among those, about a third said their lobbying efforts have been ineffective at influencing members of Congress, and about a quarter said they had not engaged in lobbying efforts at all.

The decline in NRA spending could have come as a surprise to members of

The NRA’s influence in the West Wing of the White Houses administration is now under scrutiny.The National Rifle Association has…

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