How to keep your kids safe in the car with the latest car seat safety information

BOTH BOTH OF US are on the road, but they’re not always together.

While we are in the middle of an epidemic of auto accidents, the roads are crowded with cars and pedestrians.

But what about a car seat?

It can make your children safer, according to some research.

Read moreHere’s what you need to know about car seats, car seats that help protect you and your kids from injuries.

Beware of your child in the back seat of a car, says Dr. Richard Schaffer, a pediatrician and chair of pediatric neurology at Harvard Medical School in Boston.

“That is the place where the potential risk is greatest,” he said.

Schaffer also cautioned against giving your children the “cavalier attitude” of, “I’ll drive my little brother home if I have to.”

“You don’t want to get too involved,” he explained.

“But you don’t have to drive home with your child.

They can come and get you if you’re in a really stressful situation.”

You may have heard about the car seat that protects your children in the front seat.

It’s called the front passenger belt (PVC), which is supposed to be worn behind the driver’s seat and on the back of the child’s neck.

It has an integrated harness that is attached to a seat belt that comes off when you put the child into the carseat.

However, it’s not always available.

“When you are in a carseat, the PVC harness is pulled down by the driver,” said Schaffer.

“When it comes off, it can be very hard to remove.”

The PVC is a belt that is made to attach to the belt that sits on top of your carseat belt.

It is designed to protect your child’s head from hitting the back window of your vehicle, as well as from the back wheels of your moving vehicle.

“If the car is on its side, you’re not going to be able to remove it because it’s secured to the front,” said Dr. Michael Smith, an emergency pediatric physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

“It’s also attached to the car,” Smith added.

“If the vehicle is moving, it is very unlikely to go off the side.”

However, Schaffer says the front car seat belt, or PBC, is a better choice than the rear car seat, which is the most commonly used car seat.

The PBC is more flexible and can be attached to belts that are designed for use on the front and back.

“The back of your seatbelt will protect your kids and keep them in the proper position,” Schaffer said.

When your child is in a vehicle, the seatbelt may be attached by the front door.

“In a vehicle that is moving and is in the way, that seatbelt is very likely to come off, or be pulled down,” Smith said.

“This is because of the way the vehicle moves, which will make it easier to remove the seat belt from the vehicle.”

The best way to keep kids safe is to have them sit in a child car seat if they need to, Smith said, and to use a car’s shoulder harness to keep the child in place.

“We don’t know enough about how much force that seat belt can generate,” he added.

“I think that the PBC has proven to be an effective vehicle seat,” said David Fusco, an assistant professor of pediatric surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

“I think it’s better than the PEC, which I don’t think will do anything.

But you want to make sure that it is secure and that it doesn’t move.”

Fusco added that parents should keep the car seats at least two inches away from the child so they don’t slip out of their seats when they are not using them.

“They need to be in a position that they can move, but it’s comfortable,” he noted.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) is the largest federal agency in the United States dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect.

“Child safety is the top priority of NICHD,” Schafer said.

If you have questions about your child safety, visit

For more information on car seats and child safety visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website.

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BOTH BOTH OF US are on the road, but they’re not always together.While we are in the middle of an…

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