Hockey players ‘unwilling to work for peanuts’ – Hockey Player

By Tim Brown and Peter ByrnePublished Mar 09, 2018 05:13:10A new report by the Hockey Players’ Union (HPA) claims players from the NHL and NHLPA have been told they can’t work for less than a million dollars a year.

According to the report, the players are told their salary for the year is likely to be less than the minimum wage for full-time workers in the UK.

In fact, the HPA claims a player will receive less than half of the minimum hourly wage for the entire year, while the salary for a full-timer in the US is set to be closer to $13 an hour.

“The NHLPA and NHL players are not prepared to work the minimum for the full year, and in the future players and the league will be forced to work at a lower rate to meet our minimum wage,” said David Prentice, the head of the union.

“Players are being asked to work as little as they possibly can, at a time when they are also working at their personal and professional expenses.”

It is unacceptable that players are being told that they cannot earn the minimum wages they are entitled to in the game.

“We will continue to fight for the players and their representatives to be paid a living wage.”HPA president David Pollock said the union was concerned about the future of the players in the NFL, NHL, NHLPA, and other sports.

“In light of the report and the fact that the players’ union and players’ representatives have already agreed to a settlement, we are concerned that there will be no agreement on compensation for the next few years,” he said.

“What the players have been saying is that they want to work harder and that is what they want, but the reality is they are getting paid at the bottom of the wage scale.”

This is the real problem.

The NHLPA has said that it would like to see the minimum salary increased, but this has not been included in the negotiations.

“That means that it is going to be extremely difficult for the NHLPA to reach a deal, and the union is prepared to go to court to get the minimum to be increased.”

Pollock also said that the current salary cap has allowed the NHL to raise its salary cap in the past few years, and that the union believes this is going further to ensure players are paid at a higher level.

“For players and clubs to continue to work hard to be competitive, they need to be rewarded for their efforts,” Pollock added.

“We have a real problem with pay.”

By Tim Brown and Peter ByrnePublished Mar 09, 2018 05:13:10A new report by the Hockey Players’ Union (HPA) claims players…

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