Cyclist caught on camera jumping on car while fleeing police

The cyclist who caught on video jumping on a car while attempting to flee police has been jailed for six months.

Danielle Taylor, 23, was sentenced at Melbourne Magistrates Court after pleading guilty to a charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Taylor had pleaded guilty to the charge on December 23 last year.

She had already been convicted of causing a serious injury to a motor vehicle after being hit by a car in December 2016 in the early hours of January 9, 2017.

Ms Taylor had been driving home from a night out with friends on December 17, 2016 when she collided with a BMW.

The BMW was travelling at an alarming speed in the west-north-west of Melbourne and struck Ms Taylor’s car, which then smashed into a wall.

Witnesses said Ms Taylor was flung from her bike and fell into the road.

Police said Ms Taylors vehicle was also smashed into, with a number of wires and metal parts from the BMW still attached to it.

Officers had to use a crane to lift Ms Taylor out of the road after she refused to give up and jumped on the driver’s side window of a police car, leaving her dangling in the air.

On January 11 last year, Ms Taylor, who was from Melbourne’s north-east, was found unconscious in her home by paramedics.

In the aftermath of the crash, she received a number from police officers who had been in contact with her on the night in question.

During the trial, the court heard that Ms Taylor had previously had a prior conviction for dangerous driving after pleading no contest to a speeding offence.

Magistrate Michael Toth ordered her to spend six months in jail for her guilty plea and ordered her not to have any contact with police for five years.

Mr Toth also ordered her suspended for three years from the start of her sentence.

ABC Melbourne reporter David Koeppel reported that Ms Taylan’s lawyer said she would be appealing against her conviction.

“She’s not going to appeal, she’s not even going to make an application for bail,” she said.


The cyclist who caught on video jumping on a car while attempting to flee police has been jailed for six…

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