When the feds raided a ham radio station and seized radio equipment

The Department of Homeland Security raided a radio station in Texas and seized equipment and a database from a suspect, federal authorities said Thursday.

In a news release, officials said that agents of the FBI and Homeland Security Investigations executed a search warrant on the station in McAllen, Texas, on Wednesday.

The search warrant, signed by a federal judge in Texas, alleges that an FBI agent was in possession of a database containing information about the owner and operators of the Texas-based radio station.

The Department of Justice said that the search warrant also resulted in a list of the owner, operators, and employees of the station.

The warrant was signed in federal court in Texas on Wednesday and is sealed.

It is unclear whether the warrant is related to a separate investigation into a Texas ham radio operator who has been arrested for allegedly trying to sell radio equipment online, federal officials said.

Authorities said the raid also led to the seizure of a computer and cellphones, which were seized.

They did not identify the suspect.

In September, authorities arrested a suspect at the site of a radio auction in which radio equipment was sold.

Authorities said the man, identified by the name John F. Davis, is a member of the Cypress County Sheriff’s Department, the agency that oversees the county where the auction took place.

Authorities arrested Davis after a federal search warrant was executed at the property.

Authorities did not disclose the type of radio equipment seized.

Federal authorities in Texas have also seized a radio antenna from the site, the department said.

A federal grand jury indicted Davis on charges of conspiracy to distribute drugs, conspiracy to traffic in narcotics, and distribution of narcotics.

Davis was arrested in November on federal charges related to the sale of a portable listening device.

Federal officials said they will not comment on ongoing investigations.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

The Department of Homeland Security raided a radio station in Texas and seized equipment and a database from a suspect,…

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