‘You’re the most popular thing I’ve ever heard’: ‘It’s been an emotional rollercoaster’

Vice News is proud to feature an interview with rapper and songwriter Jay Electronica about his new album, “You’re The Most Popular Thing I’ve Ever Heard.”

Electronica is the frontman of the hip hop group J.U.S.T.I.C.E., which released its debut album, The Future Is Now, in March.

It’s a story of disillusionment and alienation, as the group explores the darker aspects of being a teenager in a time when youth culture has been under fire.

“Youre the most Popular Thing,” which was released on August 11, features lyrics about the death of his father and how his parents abandoned him when he was a child.

The album, which was produced by J. U.

S .



C .

E. singer Mike Minear, also includes a track called “I Feel Like a Stranger,” which features a sample from the song “Punch” by rapper B.o.B.

“I felt like I was living a life where I was trying to be somebody, where I felt like it was something to aspire to and that’s not true,” Electronico told Vice News.

“So that’s what I feel like the most comfortable with.

I feel that’s where I’m at right now.”

While “You Are The Most Beautiful Thing,” the album’s second track, was produced at his mother’s house in Georgia, Electronicon told Vice that he recorded the song at his house in Tennessee, in the late 1990s.

“It’s about trying to find yourself, trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do, and that kind of thing,” he said.

“A lot of times I feel lonely because I don’t feel like I fit in, or that I fit into society.

I know I’m different from the other people and that I can’t relate to everybody.

I want to feel that I belong and I belong to somebody.”

In the music video for “You are the Most Beautiful,” Electrons voiceover reads: “I’m not a bad person.

I’m not trying to say anything bad about anybody.”

Electronican said he chose to do the music videos for “The Future Is Today” and “Puncher” to reflect the anger he felt toward his father’s death, which led to a tumultuous relationship with his mother.

“It was really hard for me to see my dad die.

I think he was the most loving person that I’ve known, that I ever met,” Electronic told Vice.

“He just died of a heart attack.

That’s why I felt this sense of betrayal, this sense that I’m missing out on something.”

Electrons music video features him and other members of J.


T .

I.c.E. onstage, wearing blackface masks.

Electronic said he and the group recorded the music at his father`s house in Atlanta, and he also recorded a song called “Drew,” which he released on his own label, Fuse Records.

Electrons song “The Best is Yet to Come” features a snippet from B.O.B.’s “The Game,” a song about a young rapper who goes to prison and makes it big.

“That song is about being a kid and seeing yourself through the eyes of somebody else and what it takes to make it big,” Electrónico said.

“You’re an inspiration to so many people, it`s just so amazing to see what they do for a living.

That was the inspiration for me.

And then you got the fact that people see you and see you in this film and I was like, ‘Well, that was just me.'”

Electronic added that he and J. Utilicae have been in contact with some of the musicians featured on “The Most Beautiful Things.”

“We are just excited about this collaboration with J. Us.

T I.

Cs producers, and I think it will really make people feel like it’s a celebration of being young, and just trying to make a little change in the world.

That`s what we`re trying to do.

It`s like we`ve been doing this for so long.

We`re just going to make this happen and make some people feel a little bit better.”

The song “You Aren’t The One” is a collaboration between Electronical and artist D.R.E.

“We just got a new song coming out called ‘You Aren`t The One,'” Electronics voiceover read.

“That song has a sample of my music, and it`ll be a new one that we`ll come out with next year.

I`m excited about that, and we`d love to collaborate with the other artists on it.

But I want it to be a big one, and for me,

Vice News is proud to feature an interview with rapper and songwriter Jay Electronica about his new album, “You’re The…

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