Why Rush Limbaugh doesn’t understand how much of his audience is on the road

Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only conservative radio host to fail to understand the role that his listeners play in the growth of his show.

In an interview with the New York Times, radio host Michael Rady said Limbaugh didn’t grasp the role of his listeners in his success.

He said that, at first, he believed he had a “good” audience because he knew they were “good listeners” and that “they’re not like the rest of us.”

But when they became more involved, he realized that his audience was “a little different than we thought,” Rady told the Times.

And while the show has a healthy audience of younger listeners, Rady added, his audience has “grown up and grown out.”

“We have more than 40 million listeners, and they are more engaged than they’ve ever been before,” Radie said.

“We are still growing.

We are still going to be growing.

But we are not a show that’s going to last forever.”

While the radio show has been a boon for Limbaugh, he has struggled to retain a consistent audience.

Rady has said that “the biggest problem for Rush is that he has not learned that there is a middle ground between his listeners and the general population,” as the Times notes.

A number of Limbaugh’s rivals have tried to find a way to appeal to the more affluent audience, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has said the show helps listeners “rebalance” their lives.

However, it seems that Limbaugh has a tough time keeping his audience engaged.

He has lost his last three prime-time prime-times shows.

“I think he has to do a better job of understanding that he is an old-school, conservative radio personality and that his message resonates with the majority of the American public,” said Paul Bedard, a senior political reporter for The Washington Post.

After being out of the public eye for the last two years, Limbaugh said he has “relearned how to work the ratings.”

In a recent interview with Howard Stern, he said that the “biggest mistake” he made was not trying to get the ratings up to the level of the show, which he was already at, but rather to try to “suck it up” and “sell it as a radio program.”

“I was very frustrated and really hurt by it because I had a great career,” Limbaugh told Stern.

“But you can’t really sell radio.

I can’t sell radio.”

Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only conservative radio host to fail to understand the role that his listeners play in the…

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