Ham radio license fee is going up – Ham Radio Licence fee increase to $70

Ham radio operators are to pay a fee to the Federal Government to maintain the licenses they already hold.

Ham radio licence fees will increase from $70 to $80 over the next two years.

This fee will be levied on the following classes of licence: Basic Amateur Radio Operator, Basic Radio Service Operator, Amateur Radio Service Technician and Commercial Amateur Radio Technician.

The fee for a Class B licence is $75 and the fee for Class C is $100.

Amateur radio operators and commercial operators will also be subject to the fee, but the change will not apply to the public.

The Federal Government announced the increase in the license fee on the Federal Budget on March 31.

Federal Government says $70 increase for Class B Ham radio licencesThe Federal Government said it will continue to increase the fee in line with the increase that the public already pays for its licence.

However, it will reduce the fee to $60 over the same period.

The proposed increase will see the fee increase from the current $70 per year to $72 over the two years from March 2019 to March 2020.

“While we appreciate the Government has listened to the need for a better quality of service and improved quality of life for the citizens of the Northern Territory, we believe it is more appropriate to take this step to maintain our current licence fee structure to maintain a high quality of radio service,” Assistant Minister for Communications and Information Services Stephen Smith said.

“Our primary objective is to improve the quality of public communication and provide greater value to the community.”

The proposed change will apply to operators and their clients.

The licence fee increase will also see the Federal government change its regulation of the licence fees.

The regulations will see licence fee increases assessed against the fee charged to licensed operators and the fees collected by the Department of Industry, Trade and Investment.

The fees collected will be applied to the cost of the licences, and the licence fee will then be assessed on a rolling basis.

“We are currently assessing a fee of $70 for Class A and $75 for Class II licenses.

This is in line to the rate of increase in fee rates that the Federal Parliament has passed into law,” Smith said, adding that the change is part of a package of measures the Federal Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development, Tony Tudge, announced on March 30.

“I appreciate the significant changes that will be required to increase fee rates to ensure we have a competitive market, and we will work with the licensee to ensure they can continue to offer high quality communications services,” Tudge said.

What are the proposed changes?

Class B Amateur Radio licence fee: $75 per year.

Class C Amateur Radio service licence fee to increase from AU$75 to AU$78 per year, subject to a maximum of one licence fee.

Class D Amateur Radio license fee to be increased from AU$,75 to $75, subject of a maximum one licence fees of AU$70 and AU$85.

Class E Amateur Radio operator licence fee (new) to increase AU$80 from AU$.75 to AUD$80 per year subject to maximum 1 licence fee of AU$.85.

Other licence fee changes include: Class B, Class C and Class E fee increases will apply from March 2020 to March 2021.

The Class B fee will increase by AU$50, Class A fee by AU$,50, and Class C fee by AUD$75.

The Category 1 licence will increase AU$,60, and Category 2 fee byAU$75 and AU$.80 respectively.

Class B: $60 per year; Class A: AU$65; Class C: AU$.95; Category 1: AU$,80; Category 2: AU,100.

Category 2 licence: AU $65 per year for all four categories; Category 3: AU€100; Category 4: AU €125; Category 5: AU ÷ 100.

Category 5 licence: A$85 per year plus one additional licence fee for the Class 5 category, with no minimum fee.

Category 6: AU¥150; Category 7: AU²150; and Category 8: AU£200.

Category 9: AU¢200; Category 10: AU ¼200; and the Category 11: AU £300.

The maximum licence fee in Category 10 will be AU$250 per year with no maximum fee.

Categories 11, 12, 13 and 14: AU1, AU2, AU3, AU4, AU5, AU6, AU7, AU8, AU9, AU10, AU11, AU12, AU13, AU14 and the Class 15 and 16 licence will also increase.

Category 15: AU5; AU6; AU7; AU8; AU9; AU10; AU11; AU12; AU13; AU14; and class 16 licence: £500; Category 16: AU7£500; and Class 17: AU10£500.

Category 18: AU12£500 and Category 19: AU15£500, plus the

Ham radio operators are to pay a fee to the Federal Government to maintain the licenses they already hold.Ham radio…

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