Which radio stations have the most viewers?

The numbers may surprise you: Which radio station has the most listeners?

In 2016, ABC Radio 1, owned by News Corp, had nearly 11 million listeners.

The top five stations are: Radio 4 (12.6 million) ABC Radio 6 (10.3 million) Radio 3 (8.4 million) RTE (8 million) Channel 4 (829,000) ABC TV (566,000). 

The ABC Radio One (BR1) is the most popular station, followed by the ABC Radio 2 (BR2) and Radio 3, which was recently bought by News Corporation.

The BR2 has had the largest audience for the last decade.

The new owner of BR1 is the public broadcaster News Corp. The BBC, meanwhile, has had a very strong audience for decades, averaging almost 1.5 million listeners a day. 

The chart below compares the top five radio stations to the overall number of listeners.

Radio station audience (millions) (per day) ABC 1 ABC 2 BBC 1 Radio 3 News Corp BR1 BR2 News Corp News Corp Radio 3 BBC Radio 1 News Corp BBC Radio 3 Radio 4 Radio 1 BBC Radio 2 Radio 3 Channel 4 Radio 2 Channel 4 BBC Radio 4 BBC News Corp The number of people who tuned into the ABC, BBC and Radio 1 shows that the market is becoming more mainstream.

It is not a new trend: In the 1990s, the BBC and the BBC Radio stations were the top-ranked radio stations in terms of audience. 

However, the number of radio listeners has continued to rise over the last two decades.

In 2018, there were more than 10 million listeners for the BBC.

The figure for the average listener for each of the top 5 radio stations was almost 3 million.

The chart below shows the top 10 radio stations and their average listeners. 

Top 5 Radio Stations (millennials)  (per day, average) BBC 1 Radio 2 BBC 3 Radio 3 1 BBC 1 BBC 2 BBC 2 Radio 1 Channel 4 News Corp – Radio 4 1 Radio 4 News Corporation BBC Radio 5 Radio 5 BBC Radio 6 Radio 5 News Corp 1 Radio 5 1 Radio 6 News Corp  The top five Radio stations have had an increasingly large audience over the years. 

In 2020, Radio 4 had almost 11 million total listeners.

Radio 3 had nearly 8 million listeners and Radio 2 had more than 7 million.

Radio 1 had almost 5 million listeners in 2019.

Radio 2 and Radio 4 both had over 3 million listeners last year. 

BBC News Corp (BMC) and the public broadcasters News Corp and News Corp 2 (which were sold to News Corp in 2011) have had a much more successful decade, averaging more than 1.2 million listeners daily.

 (The chart above does not include all stations.

It only includes those that were included in the Top 50 Radio Stages charts.

The full chart is available on the BBC News website.) 

Top 10 Radio States (millennial) Top 25 Radio Stays (millenials) Radio 1 Radio 1 (BR 1) Radio 2 ABC Radio 4 Radio 2 News Corp TV Radio 4 Radio 3 BBC News Radio 3 Radio 1 BBC News BBC Radio 7 Radio 3 Broadcasting 1 News Corporation BBC Radio 6 BBC Radio 8 Radio 5 Broadcasting 3 BBC  Radio 4 BR1 News Corp Broadcasting 1 BBC  BBC 4 Radio 4 BBM Radio 1 BR1 BBC Radio 9 Radio 2 Broadcasting 3 Broadcasting 2 BBC Radio 10 Radio 3  Radio 2 BBC News Channel 4 Broadcasting 1 Broadcasting 2 BBC BR1 Broadcasting 2 Broadcasting 2 News Corporation Radio 4 Broadcasting 3 BBC TV News Channel 5 Broadcasting 1 Radio 7 BBC Radio 12 Radio 3 BBM Broadcasting 1 BR3 News Corp BBM News Corporation Broadcasting 2 Radio 5 Radio 6 BBC NewsChannel 7 Radio 1 Broadcasting 3 News Corporation  ABC Radio 5BBC Radio 1BBC Radio 3BBC Radio 2 Radio 5 BBC NewsRadio 4 BBCRadio 1BBCRadio 2 NewsChannel 5BBCRadio 1 Radio 9 Radio 7 BBC News  Radio 3News Corp Radio 1 BBCRadio 4 Radio 3 TV NewsRadio 5 News Corporation  BBC Radio 7 NewsRadio 3 NewsRadio 1 NewsCorp BBCTV NewsChannel 8 NewsChannel 1 News Corporation BBCRadio 8 NewsRadio 2BBC Radio 9 NewsChannel 4 BBCNewsChannel 6 BBCNewsRadio 2Radio 3 NewsChannel 4 NewsChannel 6 NewsRadio 9 NewsRadio 7 BBCNews Channel 5 NewsChannel 2 Radio 6 News Radio 3Radio 1  News Corp BBCRadio 3 Radio 1News Corporation Radio 3Channel 4 BBC Media Radio 1Radio 1 BBM Radio 3 BR1 Channel 4News Corp BBC Channel 5 Radio 1TV Radio 12 News Channel 3 NewsCorp  BMB Radio 4BBM News Channel 6 News Channel 1 TV News Channel 3 BMS Radio 1  News Corp Channel 4BBC Radio 8BBC Radio 4BBC NewsChannel 9 BBC

The numbers may surprise you: Which radio station has the most listeners?In 2016, ABC Radio 1, owned by News Corp,…

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