How to avoid an ‘all-out’ RTE strike with RTE’s Sirius satellite radio channel

On Sunday night, the Irish Independent reported that the RTE satellite radio service had been forced to shut down due to the threat of a potential RTE-directed all-out strike by the US military.

The Independent reported: The Irish Independent understands that RTE has been forced by the Government to close down its satellite radio services following threats from the US government that it would bomb RTE and its radio stations.

RTE is one of the countrys leading broadcasters, with over 3 million listeners.

RTE has already experienced a number of threats against its services and has already closed its digital and radio stations, according to the Independent.

In a statement on Sunday night the Irish Government said: We can confirm that RTV is facing imminent and unprovoked attacks from the United States military.

RTV has been and remains on alert and ready to defend the rights of all of our people.

We will continue to monitor the situation and respond to threats to the media and the public.

We are working to protect our people and the freedoms we have worked so hard to create in this country.

“As the threat level for RTV increases, we will also be monitoring our services and working with the RTA, Government and other interested parties to minimise any further damage to our services.” 

In an attempt to reassure listeners of the RTVs radio service, RTE said it was working with a range of government departments, including the RTC and the Department of Communications and Media to identify potential threats.

On Monday, the RT announced that the Government was consulting with the Government on how best to ensure the public had a high level of security at RTEs radio stations in the future.

The RTE confirmed it would be closing down its digital radio service and said it would no longer be broadcasting on the RTP, a national radio network.

What do you think?

Should RTE be forced to close its radio service?

Please leave your comments below.

On Sunday night, the Irish Independent reported that the RTE satellite radio service had been forced to shut down due…

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