Why did yachts start to look more like yachting boats?

A yacht racing boom is set to kick off this year, with the first wave of new yachters expected to take to the water in the coming weeks.

It comes at a time when yacht racing is taking on a new meaning in sport, as more and more people are turning their passion into a career.

Yachting has been a part of sport for thousands of years, but this is the first time it has become a commercial enterprise.

This is thanks to a series of laws introduced in the 1970s to give it legitimacy as a form of leisure activity.

A key aspect of this is a relaxation of the age limit for people to compete in yachty competitions, which is now up to 18.

A new wave of yachter competition is expected to be announced this month, with races taking place in Australia, New Zealand, the US and elsewhere.

A boat racing boom will kick off in 2019 with the debut of the first waves of new boats on the water.

Photo: Supplied The sport began in the mid-19th century as a sport for young men, but has evolved into a commercial venture since the 1970’s, when the laws were relaxed.

A boom in interest The boom in the sport is likely to have a positive effect on the sport’s popularity, according to racing commentator and former Australian Olympic champion Mick Cuddell.

“It’s a boom for yacht racing, because the people who have always enjoyed sailing are coming back,” he said.

Yachts are now popular, but the sport has never been more mainstream, he said, because of the relaxation of age limits.

He said the boom was a sign of the changing times.

It’s about more people getting into yachted, he explained.

And more of them are coming from places like New Zealand and the US.

That’s a big deal for the sport, he continued.

In addition, Cuddel said the new sport is attracting more men than ever before.

There’s been an increase in the number of men coming back from the US to compete.

I think it’s a testament to the fact that yachties have always been a boys’ sport,” he explained, “and that’s been a very, very successful sport in New Zealand.

A yacht racing boom is set to kick off this year, with the first wave of new yachters expected to…

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