How to listen to local radio stations without getting caught by Milwaukee police scanner

In Wisconsin, the state’s largest city, there are more than 2,000 police scanner stations.

Each station is owned and operated by the Milwaukee Police Department, which collects information from the stations, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

But in a new report, Milwaukee police officials say they don’t actually get to collect the information from radio stations, and instead rely on a computer program called WQAM, which is run by a local radio station to collect data from its stations.

“This is a program that we operate and the police department does not have the authority to use,” Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said.

Flynn also said that the station has been using WQAMP since 2010 and that they have “never had any issues” with the scanner program.

However, according a 2015 federal lawsuit filed by a Wisconsin consumer group, Milwaukee Police scanners collected information on nearly 1,500 customers and were able to collect that information even when they had a warrant.

The lawsuit, filed in February 2015, alleged that Milwaukee Police scanner data was used to “perform discriminatory, warrantless searches, collect private information about individuals without their knowledge, and falsely report an incident to the FBI.”

In a court filing, Flynn said that WQAMA does not “violate any state law.”WQAM is owned by Milwaukee-based Radio Communications Inc. and is a software program developed by a company called Scanner Technologies Inc. According to its website, the program “provides local radio, television, and Internet radio, TV, and web access, as well as online data services to police departments.”

According to its Privacy Policy, the company says it collects the information it needs to run its service.

“The program is not intended to track, store or sell any personally identifiable information,” it says.

According to the lawsuit, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, which operates Milwaukee’s police scanner system, and Milwaukee County District Attorney David Hale are named defendants.

The lawsuit also names the Milwaukee police departments Department, the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the Madison County District Office and the Milwaukee City Council.

According the lawsuit filed in 2016, WQAMI collects “the license plate number of each vehicle involved in an incident.”

The complaint claims that the scanner system also collects “a vehicle identification number, license plate, and a license plate-based identifier of each car involved in a police incident, as is commonly used by local law enforcement agencies in their search for a vehicle’s license plate.”

The lawsuit also alleges that W QAM is used to collect information from police scanners, “including license plate numbers and vehicle identification numbers.”

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has contacted Milwaukee Police for comment on the lawsuit and the company’s policy regarding WQAMS usage.

In Wisconsin, the state’s largest city, there are more than 2,000 police scanner stations.Each station is owned and operated by…

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