How to get rid of the FFA logo on your car, the president says

Caracol Radio – which is owned by the FASA – has changed its logo and now uses the letter “F”. 

But that doesn’t mean it is a bad idea.

The FFA are considering whether to remove the logo, the BBC’s Mark Evans reports from Caracols HQ.

They are considering a number of options, including replacing the logo with a new logo, Evans adds.

The logo will have to be reviewed by the Australian Football League’s logo committee, he says.

This is not the first time the FA have gone for the F-word.

The league has been accused of being a “fascism-driven cartel” for years.

The issue has been on the minds of many football fans ever since the FFL’s first two-year plan was unveiled.

The plan set out to improve player welfare, and give them more rights.

But a review into the FIFPro scheme found that there were concerns that FFA could be making money off players rather than providing a professional footballing environment.

The review also found that the FAFSA did not comply with the Australian Fair Work Act, which requires that companies provide a “fair, transparent and equitable working relationship with employees” and pay them “fair and reasonable” wages.FIFA, however, has since clarified its stance on this issue, and has said that “the FA will work to improve workplace performance, including the provision of a safe, fair and consistent workplace environment for employees”.

“The FIFA is committed to a culture of fair, transparent, fair working and fair play, which includes the elimination of the logo,” it said in a statement.

“The logo is an important part of the FA’s overall image and is used by all of our sports clubs, and our partners and sponsors.”

Caracol Radio – which is owned by the FASA – has changed its logo and now uses the letter “F”. But…

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