WRLB Radio City’s first ever ‘Radio City’ broadcast is coming to Brisbane

Radio City Music Hall’s new show will debut on Sunday night and will be available to stream online.

The station will also stream the program on its app for iOS and Android devices.

The new show, called ‘Radio Canada’, will be broadcast from 6:00pm to 9:00am on Sunday, November 8.

The show will be hosted by Australian DJ and radio personality Adam Ellis, who is a regular on Radio City, and will feature local radio host, host of the weekly radio show The Jam, and the popular hip hop group The Fuzz.

Ellis said it was “a special opportunity” to bring the show to Brisbane.

“It’s a great opportunity for a new show that’s never aired before,” he said.

“And it’s also the first time in Brisbane that the program will be shown live on a weekly basis.”

He said the new show would also include guests such as the popular Australian hip hop duo The Fuz, a popular Australian rock band, and DJ and producer, Darryl.

“We’re bringing them in to promote the show and hopefully get people talking,” he added.

Ellises said the show was inspired by the music of Australia’s hip hop and EDM scene, but was also about people coming together to be creative and celebrate music.

“We wanted to create something where people could have fun with their music and have a good time doing it,” he explained.

“The whole concept of it is the whole vibe of what Radio City is, which is just a good old-fashioned radio show where you don’t have to be the radio DJ, you just listen to the radio and enjoy the music.”

Ellis explained the new format would be the first ever radio show on radio city.

“It will be an old-school radio show, a radio city show,” he joked.

“You can’t get that in a club setting, where you’re all on the same mic and doing the same things, so it’s kind of like a radio club experience, where we’re all in the same room together and having a good night.”

Ellises also spoke about the need to be “aware” of what other genres of music people were listening to on the radio, and how to keep listeners entertained.

“I’m always trying to be aware of what’s going on around the world and what people are listening to,” he told News.org.au.

“Whether it’s the EDM sound, the hip hop sound, or the rap music or whatever, I want to know what the other people are doing, because I want people to be listening to what I’m doing.”

Ellias said he wanted to “keep listeners coming back” to Radio City.

“I’m excited to hear what the audience wants to hear,” he continued.

“So hopefully people are excited to see something new come out on the show, and hopefully it’s something that’s exciting to people who are interested in listening to it.”

Radio City Music will be airing its inaugural broadcast on Sunday evening and will stream the show on its App for iOS, Android and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.

Listeners will be able to download the show via the WRLP Radio City website.

The WRLR will continue to produce and distribute the station’s programs.

Radio City Music Hall’s new show will debut on Sunday night and will be available to stream online.The station will…

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