How Trump will be remembered by voters: How the news media will react

The Washington Post, a nonprofit news organization, is the parent company of The Associated Press.

The AP is not associated with any political party. 

The Post’s coverage of President Donald Trump has ranged from critical to wildly inaccurate.

Here are five of the worst and the best.1.

The Post’s “Trump was not born in the United States” story The story was the first of several Trump-related stories that went viral, with the Post itself eventually apologizing for it. 

It was one of the most widely-shared and most-debunked stories of the year.

The Washington Times debunked the story in a report published Monday.

The newspaper’s fact-checker, PolitiFact, also called it “a classic fluke.” 

In the story, the Post claimed Trump was born in Canada.

Trump’s father, Fred Trump, was born on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. 

In fact, the story states that Trump was the fourth of five children.

He is not. 

 In addition to the “Trump wasn’t born in” claim, the piece also states that he was the son of a Canadian-born immigrant. 

“Trump’s dad, Fred Donald Trump, also was a Canadian immigrant and that his Canadian citizenship was revoked by the Canadian government after he moved to the U.S. in 1957,” the article said. 

But Trump is actually of Polish descent.

He was born to a Polish father and German mother in Brooklyn, New York.

Trump has said he’s of Polish ancestry and that he “never considered” being German.

The family is currently living in Wisconsin, which has a history of racism and xenophobia.2.

The “Trump never thought of being American” story, and it was debunked by Politi fact-checkingThe Post story also went viral after being published on Nov. 18. 

PolitiFact called the Post’s claim “utterly false.”

In fact, Politifact’s fact checker found the story to be “false,” saying the story was “not supported by any evidence.” 

The fact-checks, which are conducted every three months, are the most rigorous. 

This is a list of Politi Fact-checking stories.3.

The story’s headline claims Trump was in the White House “before 9/11″This is another story that went far viral.

The Daily Beast and Buzzfeed both published a report on the story published on Dec. 4, 2017.

The two news sites said the article was “utter nonsense” and called it a “lie.” 

Buzzfeed wrote: “A headline in the New York Post today that falsely says President Donald J. Trump was President of the United State before 9/9/11 is a lie.

President Trump never thought about being American before 9-11.

He did not have a formal White House office and never went to Washington, D.C., until he became President in January of 2021.

President Donald never thought he would be President of The United States.”4.

The claim that “the Trump family owned real estate before 9,999″This story was also debunked by the Washington Post on Dec 5. 

Trump’s father was a real estate developer, according to the story. 

As Politifact noted, the article states that his father bought and renovated buildings before 9:00 p.m. on the day of 9/10. 

While Trump was president, the New Jersey-based real estate company his father founded was sold to Trump Jr. According to The Washington Examiner, the company had no employees in the immediate aftermath of the 9/7 attacks and that the Trump family did not own any real estate properties in the U: According [to] Trump’s financial disclosure forms filed with the Internal Revenue Service, Trump’s net worth is reported at $2.7 billion.

His net worth includes assets that he has invested in real estate companies and buildings.

He also owns several commercial properties.

Trump owns a $1 million home in New York City.

He owns an apartment complex in Jersey City, New Jersey, valued at $4.6 million.

He owned a $5.4 million home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2006. 


The false claim that Trump’s tax returns were not “fully audited”This was one that went extremely viral. 

BuzzFeed reported that Trump paid a $25 million penalty for failing to file his federal income tax returns.

Trump said that he paid the tax penalty because he had “over-paid” it in the past. 

And The Washington City Paper reported that the IRS “issued a penalty in 2016 for not fully auditing Trump’s returns, a violation of his duty to file the return as required by law.” 

Politifact said, “The IRS, however, issued a penalty for not auditing his returns because it found no material change in his tax liability.”6.

The misleading claim that the tax bill will help the middle classThis is

The Washington Post, a nonprofit news organization, is the parent company of The Associated Press.The AP is not associated with…

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