Which radio station is best for listening to ‘The Voice’?

TV host, writer and producer Reyna Rajagopalan has taken a stand against radio stations in India.

In a Facebook post, the TV personality shared a list of her favourite stations, from the likes of NDR to RDS.

“I have heard some good and some bad radio stations, but the good ones always get the viewers and I am not a fan of them,” she wrote.

“And they always play songs I do not like and the bad ones are always boring.”

She also said that there was no “one-size-fits-all” radio station, and pointed to a playlist of radio stations she liked, including ones such as the UK’s BBC.

The list also included stations in countries such as Israel, Pakistan and Australia, where she said the audiences are not so keen on the programmes.

“In India, where the TV audience is about 60 per cent Muslim, you get about 60 to 70 radio stations with one-sided political content,” she said.

“It is not enough to have a good radio station with good content, you also have to have good personalities and good personalities will listen to it.”

While Rajagope had also shared a playlist on her Facebook page of stations she likes, she said she has also shared the songs of others who are “better than me” in their listening.

“These songs are not just for people to listen to, they are songs of the great artists and great singers,” she added.

“Some people will listen and some will not.

The people who will listen are the ones who have good taste and can see what’s good and what’s not.”

She wrote that she is not a “fan” of the popular DJ DJ Akon, but said he does a “good job”.

“If I could only get one DJ to listen, I would choose Akon,” she shared.

TV host, writer and producer Reyna Rajagopalan has taken a stand against radio stations in India.In a Facebook post, the…

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