Who’s next to go online radio? — NPR’s NPR Politics podcast: Live blog, Q&A with David Chalian, and more —

After being sidelined for the first time in nearly three years, NPR’s political podcast, The Political Gabfest, has finally been restored online.

NPR’s podcast is still available in podcast form, but a new update of the app will bring in all of the episodes.

“NPR’s political content is our core business, and we’ve been focusing on that over the last several years,” said Laura Johnson, NPR VP of digital, in a statement.

“As our podcast continues to grow and evolve, we’ve decided to invest in digital tools and technology that enable us to provide you with a truly engaging and informative podcast experience.

We’re thrilled to be able to bring you new episodes on our platform in the coming weeks.”

The podcast’s return is a major milestone for the network, which had been battling for a place on NPR’s list of top political podcasts.

Last year, NPR announced it was adding online radio to its podcast lineup, citing its growing interest in the political space and its potential to “ensure our coverage is consistent and relevant to the public.”

Since the podcast’s launch in 2014, the network has become the most-watched public broadcaster on the web, with nearly 70 million weekly listeners and more than $200 million in advertising revenue.

NPR is also the first political podcast network to be owned by Vox Media, the media conglomerate owned by billionaire Peter Thiel.

In addition to The Political Gafffest, NPR will also host the podcast with political journalist and political commentator Matt Yglesias, and host a weekly “Morning Joe” podcast.

This week’s episode of the podcast will be hosted by former Vice President Joe Biden, who will join the hosts to discuss his time as president.

(The episode will also feature a guest appearance from former Secretary of State John Kerry.)

NPR also announced this week that it is adding two podcasts to its “Podcasts for Thought” initiative, which will allow the public to share ideas for improving their podcasts.

The first podcast, which is scheduled to launch in June, will feature a conversation with the former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Representative Hakeem Jeffries.

Another podcast, “On Point with Chris Hayes,” will feature an interview with the author of The New Jim Crow, Cornel West.

Other podcasts will include an interview on race and inequality, and a “Politics by Example” segment on the media and politics.

NPR has been trying to bring online radio back online for several years, but with the introduction of podcasts, the political podcast space is back to being a bit of a minefield for the networks.

“The political podcast has been one of the most challenging areas for us,” said NPR senior vice president of digital and technology, David Chalan, in an interview earlier this year.

“There is so much to learn and understand and think about in these spaces, and there is so little visibility in the public sphere.”

In 2017, NPR began hosting online podcasts at no cost, and the network launched a series of “Pilot Projects” to get listeners into podcasts.

In 2018, NPR also began streaming some of its podcasts on its NPR News website, as part of its new partnership with The Public Radio Foundation.

But the network was unable to keep up with the demand for its podcasts, and only a handful of new podcasts were launched this year, according to NPR.

Now, it looks like the political podcasts will finally be back online.

“I’m excited to welcome the return of our online political podcasts to our community of podcast listeners,” said Johnson.

“They will continue to be an essential part of the NPR political programming that we do for our listeners, and I’m confident they will continue be an important part of our journalism as well.”

After being sidelined for the first time in nearly three years, NPR’s political podcast, The Political Gabfest, has finally been…

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